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My 1983 De Lorean DMC-12, VIN 16908

Undercarriage Lighting

I’ve seen several Deloreans with underside lighting, and liked the look. The LED strips that are available make this pretty easy.



LED Strip (Water Resistant)
LED solderless connectors.
Wiring shrink wrap
Automotive, or similar stranded wires
Soldering Iron
Aluminum tape
Clear Mailing Tape
Zip ties
Cleaning Supplies

I previously added a fused circuit to my car from the positive connection, to one of my On/Off switches on the center console. The other On/Off switch was added for the power outlets on my car:


Then I ran a wire from the On/Off switch, through the console, down through the storage compartment. I drilled a very small hole near the handbrake cables, and brought the wire down under the car.
The underbody needs to be cleaned thoroughly where you want to mount the LED strip. Once mounted, I put clear mailing tape over the strip to help support it. The aluminum tape meant for ductwork is very tacky, and creates a strong bond molding and taking shape. I use it cover the ends of the strip connections.

I have three separate sections of LED Strip mounted: one around the inside of the front fascia, and two on the sides of the car. The side strips ground to the fuel tank plate. The front strip power runs along the frame, and is grounded to the passenger side horn bracket. The solderless connectors that I purchased turned out to be the wrong type, however I was able to make them work by cutting and modifying them.

Colored strips, or color-changing strips are available. I chose a simple white color. I think they look great at night.



Item Vendor


Unit Cost





10PCS 10mm 2Pin Free Solder Connector Cable for LED Strip eBay


$ 3.99 $ 3.99 $ – $ – $ 3.99
12 Volt White 5M 3528 SMD 600 Waterproof LED Flexible Strip Light eBay


$ 8.99 $ 8.99 $ – $ – $ 8.99
All other supplies used On Hand           $ –
            Total $ 12.98

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