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My 1983 De Lorean DMC-12, VIN 16908

Glass Polish

The car has had water spots on the glass ever since I purchased it.

Polish 10

At some point in its life, it spent time in the state of Georgia, and apparently acid rain is a big problem there. The water spots are so bad in some areas, that you can catch your fingernail on them. In addition to the water spots, my glass seemed to have a haze on it. I’ve tried several options so far:

  • Newsprint
  • Vinegar
  • “Invisible Glass” cleaner
  • RainX Foaming glass cleaner
  • 0000 Steel Wool

All have had little to no effect on removing these water spots. Now I’ve finally purchased a felt polishing wheel, and some cerium oxide.

The felt polishing wheel is very dense and strong. I opted to use an electric corded drill, since any battery powered drill would probably be drained after several minutes of polishing. I cleaned the windows, and mixed some cerium oxide with distilled water in a plastic container. I taped off the window trim, and brushed on some water and cerium oxide mixture. I soaked the felt polishing wheel in my mixture, and started polishing.
Polish 21 Polish 20

I made sure to apply even pressure, and keep moving the pad around the glass. The goal was to polish all the area of the glass evenly for the same amount of time. I was thrilled to see the water spots being removed!
I later taped off the DMC SEKURIT labels on the glass, and used a rotary tool with a small felt pad to polish the small areas around the labels. I’m not going to attempt polishing inside the labels, so unfortunately it will never look 100% polished.
Polish 40 Polish 41

The left side window seal was looking ratty, so I replaced it:
Polish 30 Polish31

I’m happy to finally have the spots and haze gone, and my glass now has a great shine to it!

Polish 50

The cerium oxide packet that comes with the kit is 8 ounces, and I probably only used two ounces total.


Plastic food container to mix the polish
Electric Drill (corded preferred)
Cerium Oxide
Felt polishing wheel
Rotary tool
Polishing bits for rotary tool
water (distilled preferred)
foam brush
microfiber cloth


Item Vendor


Unit Cost





Gordon Glass Cerium Oxide – 8 Oz with 3″ Felt Polishing Wheel Amazon.com


$ 29.95

$ 29.95

$ 5.15

$ –

$ 35.10

Left Window Wipe Seal DMC Midwest


$ 36.11

$ 36.11

$ 13.72

$ 2.80

$ 52.63






$ 87.73

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