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My 1983 De Lorean DMC-12, VIN 16908

New Custom Mirror Switch

I liked the look of the new Mirror Switch available from DMC-Houston, however the price was a little high for an unneeded upgrade. I know it’s made from a mirror switch used in a Saturn, so decided to try and make my own. I went to a salvage yard, and found one. Next I made a plastic plate to hold the switch:
DSC_0331     DSC_0350

I found the wiring connector online at britishwiring.com. I also found wiring diagrams online to help me figure out all the connections.

I didn’t like how the DMC-Houston switch looked upside-down:
I could see the polarity of the mirror motors was opposite of what the switch was. Up was down, Right was left, and so on. The options I had were:

  1. Do what DMC-Houston did: flip the switch upside–down, and swap the right and left mirror wires
  2. Reverse the wiring in my cars wiring harness.

I choose option 2. I pried the wire connections out of the mirror connectors, and reversed them. If the cars next owner ever tries to install an original switch, they’re going to hate what I did!
Original mirror switches have been going for a good price on ebay, so I decided to sell mine.
DSC_0510 auction

Since I bought my car in 2007, my passenger mirror hasn’t had up and down functionality. I was happy to find out during testing that it was a dirty/bad connection.

I actually finished the switch in mid-2013, however I wasn’t able to finally install it until now due to my door panels being removed. Here it is, finally installed:

From the pictures, it looks like the interior is still kind of dusty. Time for a complete detailing.

(It’s not too often I make money!)

Item Vendor Cost
Mirror Switch Sale Ebay

$ 105.00

Ebay fees Ebay

$ (14.50)

Paypal fee Paypal

$ (3.50)

Shipping FedEx

$ (12.96)

9-Way 3mm Pin & Socket Connector BritishWiring.com

$ (16.50)

Saturn Mirror Switch Salvage Yard

$ (6.00)

Black Plastic On Hand

$ –

SEM Black Landau Color Coat On Hand

$ –


$ 51.54

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  1. Can you tell me which colors of wire on the new switch were connected to which wire on the Delorean plug

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