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My 1983 De Lorean DMC-12, VIN 16908

Fuel Pump Woes

I discovered late last year that my car refused to start. I confirmed I had spark, and dumped some fuel in the intake, and the car almost started. I confirmed I had power at the pump, so I decided to finally swap it.

Old fuel hoses, recommended to be replaced:

Kinked pickup hose I found:

Old vinyl-ish cover, new rubber cover

The kinked pickup hose was probably chocking the pump:

Old fuel pump support ring:

New pump, boot cover, hoses:

New pickup hose, old kinked hose

Newly replated ring, old ring

Old pickup screen:

Everything installed, checking for leaks. Found one, so I had to remove it all, use new washers, and reassemble:


I didn’t get many new pictures reinstalling everything. After replacing the pump and hoses, the car still wouldn’t start. I checked voltage at the pump again, and was getting some wonky voltages. I grounded the pump directly to the frame, and sure enough, my fuel pump came to life, as did the car. For now, I’ve left the pump grounded to the frame, which is not recommended since it bypasses the inertia switch (major safety concern).

I also I previously had bought the fuel pump and new hoses in April 2011. See the previous blog post for those costs.

I bought another fuel hose and clamps to someday replace the hose near the accumulator. I also bought a hot air damn, so the radiator fans wouldn’t blow hot air over the fuel tank. I meant to make my own, but decided against it due to the time involved. In retrospect, I should have made it.






Fuel Filter Screen




12mm x 1.5 copper sealing washer



Radiator Air Dam






Fuel Pickup hose

DMC Midwest



Fuel Hose



Fuel Hose Clamps



Fuel Pump Support








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