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My 1983 De Lorean DMC-12, VIN 16908

Seat Bottom Repair

Both of my seat bottoms split. This made the seats sink, and feel really uncomfortable.

I tried putting wood and foam underneath them, but then adjusting the position of the seats was complicated.

Also, new seat covers were installed a few years ago by the previous owner, however they were installed too loose. Crooked passenger seat:

Loose, sunk-in driver’s seat, which began to bunch up:

I finally broke down and took the seats to an auto upholstery shop. They rebuilt the seat bottoms with some canvas-like material. They also tightened and straightened the seat covers. Straightened passenger seat:

When I picked up the seats from the upholstery place, one of the metal links wasn’t attached to the seat bottom. The hole was cut in the canvas, but it was never attached. I had them go in and fix it. They couldn’t find the right plastic pieces, so they used washer and a cotter pin. New seat bottom:

After some cleaning and treatment with Leatherique, the seats have never looked better:


Upholstery Work: $300

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