New Trunk Board

My original carpet was looking ratty, and my car was also missing the board below the carpet. I decided to make a new board that would replace the carpet. It also needs cutouts for the strut bar that I use in the trunk. I traced a friend’s trunk board:

Then, I cut it out with a jigsaw. I cleaned up the cuts with a rotary tool, and roughed up the surface with some sandpaper:

Next I coated it with Duplicolor Undercoating. The undercoating didn’t spray evenly, and I got some globs in random places. I ended up purposely making more globs, trying to even it out and complete the look:

Not bad for the cost.

Item Vendor


Unit Cost





Duplicolor Undercoating Meijer


$ 4.99

$ 4.99


$ 0.42

$ 5.41

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2016 Brake Fluid Flush

It’s been a few years since my last brake fluid flush. It’s time. Castrol GT LMA fluid is now known as Castrol Dot 4. This fluid is one of only a few that are compatible with the seals in the Delorean’s Girling brakes.

Cost: Castrol 32oz Dot 4 Synthetic Brake Fluid Brake Fluid (1) $16.99 plus tax