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My 1983 De Lorean DMC-12, VIN 16908

New Front Wheel Bearings

At DCS 2014 in Dayton, OH, my front right wheel bearing started making groaning noises at high speeds.

I had to rent a puller set and spindle nut socket set from Advance Auto Parts (fully refundable).
Getting the spindle nuts off was easy. I used a breaker bar, and simply lowered the car near the floor, with the weight of the car pressing on the breaker bar:
Next, I use a pick tool to remove D Washer:
20150111_133504 20150111_133625
Then used a puller to pull off the bearing, hub and rotor:
The bearings came apart during removal, which is normal:
20150111_141645 20150111_14164920150122_204908
Then, unbolt the rotor from the hubs, and separate them. Sorry, no pictures.

Removing the old bearings and pressing the new bearings into the hubs was going to be a challenge. Instead of having my new bearings shipped, I visited the DMC Midwest shop with the hubs. I purchased the new bearings, and they were able to press them into my hubs.

DMC Midwest suggested I should have blasted and painted the hubs while the bearings were out. Well I didn’t have time for that, so instead I taped them up, and painted them with the new bearings in place:

I also wire brushed off the undercoating from the brake dust shields, and painted them with rustoleum metallic paint, then a coat of Krylon Metals Gold paint:
DSC_0705 DSC_0706
Doing this job in the winter time helps. My car is left in a cold garage, while I left the rotor and hub in my warm house. Installation is easier with the cold spindle slightly contracted. Mounted, spindle nut installed, and torqued:
DSC_0707 DSC_0708

I’ve driven a few hundred miles on them in 2015, and the groaning noises are gone.


Item Vendor


Unit Cost


Wheel Bearing DMC Midwest


$ 19.94

$ 39.88

Press in Wheel Bearings DMC Midwest




Bulldog Adhesion Promoter

On Hand

Rustoleum Primer

On Hand

Rustoleum Metallic Paint

On Hand

Krylon Metals (Gold) Paint

On Hand