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My 1983 De Lorean DMC-12, VIN 16908

Door Lock Wedgectomy


I came across instructions on the internet for performing a “wedgectomy” on the locks, which involves grinding off a plastic wedge from the door latches. With the wedge in place, the doors can’t be locked, and trying to lock them will put force on the linkages, possibly throwing them out of adjustment. A latch without a wedge can be safely locked while they’re open.

Since I have remote lock/unlock, there’s always a chance I might bump the lock button while the doors are open. My door panels were currently off due to maintenance and repair. My latch and lock linkages also needed adjusting, so I decided to perform the wedgectomy.

20130809_221538 20130809_235419 20130809_22523120130809_235937 20130809_230506

Removing each latch is not easy! I spent a few hours reorienting and finally removing them from the doors. I took many pictures of the linkages so I could put everything back together correctly. Once the latches are out, performing the wedgectomy is fairly easy with a rotary tool and a burr grinding bit. I also got the chance to clean all the latches, and lube them up with lithium grease. Sorry, I didn’t get any pictures of the actual wedge, or it’s removal. Reinstallation is even more difficult due to adjusting the linkages.

After I reinstalled all the cleaned and updated latches, testing was successful!

Lithium Grease: $3.99