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My 1983 De Lorean DMC-12, VIN 16908

Fall Tech Session, Brake Work

At the fall tech session, I wanted to have Dave S look at my brakes. I’ve compared my brakes to other Deloreans, and there is way too much travel in the brake pedal. I’ve bled them in the past, and they don’t feel spongy.

Dave found that the front right caliper was separating! We were able to bolt it back together, which restored some firmness to the pedal. We bled the brakes, so now I have fresh fluid. I was also told I could lengthen the rod coming from the brake booster. I’ll do that another time.

I also found a local brick-and-mortar store that sells Castrol GT LMA brake fluid!

Cost: Castrol 32oz GT LMA Brake Fluid (1) $16.99 plus tax