Ed's D

My 1983 De Lorean DMC-12, VIN 16908

Screened Fresh Air Intake

The cabin’s fresh air intake will collect acorn tops, seeds, leaves, and other debris. One suggestion is to put a screen over it:


I removed the windshield grill, and vacuumed out debris:

I had some scrap fiberglass screen on hand, and set it with a few dabs of RTV.



After reinstalling the grill, I’ll trim the screen. I also cleaned the fragile, broken grill:

I also discovered I was missing all but one of the rubber stands used to hold up the windshield grill. I found some nylon bushings at Ace Hardware that are the exact height:


Screen: On Hand
RTV: On Hand
Nylon bushings: (7 @ $0.33) $2.31 at Ace Hardware


I added a missing O Ring between the airbox and the air metering unit:

I replaced the tired looking lock module breaker with an updated one. I updated the electrical connections to ring terminals, and eliminated some T-Taps:

New door and hoods struts.

New Cooling Fan Breaker.


Seal O Ring

DMC Midwest

$ 1.50

Luggange Comaprtment Struts

DMC Midwest

$ 39.95

Door struts soft lift in pairs


$ 69.95

Door Lock 25 Amp Breaker


$ 2.95

Cooling Fan 40 Amp Breaker


$ 2.95

Ring Terminals


$ 1.00


$ 118.30

(taxes and shipping not included)


Polyurethane Sway Bar Bushings

I’m trying to reduce vibrations while driving. It was recommended to try some poly sway bar bushings.

Old bushings, new ones:

While I had the sway bar out, I POR 15 painted it:

Old paint flaking off?

Can’t tell, but it’s now glossy black:

I crossed some threads reinstalling the bolts to the sway bar in the crumble tube. I reinstalled the bolt, and it went in a little rough. Ugh.



Bushings for end (set of 4): $75.00
Bushings for clamps (set of 2): $34.00
POR15: On hand