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My 1983 De Lorean DMC-12, VIN 16908

Steering Wheel Pull

Last year, after my alignment, I decided to correct the position of the steering wheel. To do this, you need to pull it off.

I rented a steering wheel puller from Autozone, purchased some long 10mm bolts for it, and a 22mm socket to get the nut off:

I took the nut off once before without any issues. This time, I crossed the threads. $h1t!

Steering wheel puller in action:

I don’t know how to fix those threads. I’m not too concerned since I couldn’t pull the steering wheel off if I tried. I pounded it back on, and I’ve got a hose clamp in place:

I did this last year, and can’t remember what everything costs…

Steering Wheel Puller from Autozone: $30 refundable charge
10mm bolts from Ace Hardware: ??
22mm socket from Menards: ??
Hose clamps from Ace Hardware: ??