Saturday April 25th 2009 – DMC Midwest Open House

I attended this event, but without my DeLorean. The weather report included rain, and some strong thunderstorms. I left the D safe at home in the garage.

No real exciting pictures here. I was mainly taking pictures inside and underneath cars for reference. I should have taken more pictures of the shop.

Drinks anyone? I need to rent this for my next party:

Check TABs, Reinstall trailing arm shields

I loosened, and tightened the trailing arm bolts back to the recommended specs. I managed to bend the passenger side trailing arm shield back into shape, and reinstall them both. The shields had been off since early last year, so it was good to get them back on the car.

Sorry, no pics.



Checkup, cleaning

I spent some time cleaning and inspecting everything in the trunk.

Shock tower strut bar and spare tire removed, access panels are now accessible:

No leaks in the braking system, frame seems clean:

No more leaks in the fuel system. Tankzilla?

I’ve never used the spare. I should get a new one: