Ed's D

My 1983 De Lorean DMC-12, VIN 16908

Saturday April 25th 2009 – DMC Midwest Open House

I attended this event, but without my DeLorean. The weather report included rain, and some strong thunderstorms. I left the D safe at home in the garage.

No real exciting pictures here. I was mainly taking pictures inside and underneath cars for reference. I should have taken more pictures of the shop.

Drinks anyone? I need to rent this for my next party:

Checkup, cleaning

I spent some time cleaning and inspecting everything in the trunk.

Shock tower strut bar and spare tire removed, access panels are now accessible:

No leaks in the braking system, frame seems clean:

No more leaks in the fuel system. Tankzilla?

I’ve never used the spare. I should get a new one: