Ed's D

My 1983 De Lorean DMC-12, VIN 16908

New fan circuit breaker

One night, I discovered that my radiator fans weren’t running, and watched my temperature gauge slowly climb. I pulled over, and shut off the engine.

I got the car home after traffic died down. I started all the basic fan troubleshooting and I couldn’t get the fans to run. I disconnected the fans, removed the battery, and wired the battery directly to the fans with some scrap 14 gauge wire, and the needed molex connector. Fans spun up.

So I went back to the circuit breaker. I’ve been following this diagram with the cooling fan breaker on the left. I shorted the right breaker for a moment, and the fans spun up. So I finally figured out that a previous owner installed the fan breaker in the wrong position.

I had a hunch it was the breaker all along, and I bought a spare 40amp breaker earlier in the week. I installed the new one, and it seems to be working correctly.



Molex Connectors: $2.59 at Frys
Bussman 40 amp Circuit Breaker: $2.99 at Autozone

Mulitvex Mirrors

The stock side mirrors in the DeLorean are flat, where modern day mirrors are convex. Convex safety mirrors help to reduce dangers caused by your blind spot when passing and changing lanes on the road.

Someone in my online forum got the company Multivex to give us group pricing if we ordered enough. I threw my money in. A few weeks later they arrived:

They are mounted to the existing mirrors with some strong double stick foam tape.



Before I could only see the garage door, and a small portion of the wall. Now I can see a lot more of the wall.



Multivex Mirrors: $74.00 (after group discount, includes shipping)