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My 1983 De Lorean DMC-12, VIN 16908


With the new rear adjustable lower links, I could see the camber was way off on the rear tires. I already knew the alignment was off from my last visit to Just Tires. I scheduled another day off, and took my car back. With the new links, I knew I’d get everything straight. I brought along my offset wrench and my 11/16ths torque adapter for those pesky trailing arm bolts (pesky because the auto transmission is in the way).

Same manager, same technician. They let me hang out and watch everything. I told the tech about how I replaced the lower links myself, and the TABs. I let him know the torque specs for the TABs. When he went to loosen the TABs, he said “Oh, this is a 12 point head…” I let him know that my wrench would probably work best, so he used it. He ended up removing 2 shims on each TAB. When it came time to torque the TAB, he said he probably had a torque adapter he could use. Then he couldn’t find one, so he used mine.

Adjusting the lower links:

A really nice 1970s Chevelle showed up for an alignment. The owner and I talked for awhile about our cars. He said this shop was recommended to him.

I’m very pleased. My invoice shows I got a discount on labor!

Supplies Used:
19mm Offset Wrench
11/16ths Torque Adapter
Workshop Manual Section K (Rear Suspension)

4 Wheel Alignment: $60.00 @ Just Tires – Wheaton, IL (After $39.95 Labor Discount)