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My 1983 De Lorean DMC-12, VIN 16908

Sep 8th DeLorean Midwest Connection Fall Tech Session Wrap-Up

The day is over. I arrived early, left late, and when it was all over, I made several friends and my car has new shocks and springs. Highlights of the day:

-During a routine oil change, watching oil mixed with coolant drain out of the engine. The recommendation was something like “think about a new engine, or think about selling the car.” The car had previously over-heated, and may have sustained some damage.
-Impressing people with my DeLorean knowledge, yet only being an owner for a few months. “I’ve bought my car a few months ago, but I’ve been on the DML for 12 years.”
-Seeing many DeLoreans at once
-Getting a ride in an ’01 Vette
-Installing tie-rod boots all by myself
-Driving home with a smoother riding DeLorean

I’ll write up my suspension work in a separate blog. I’m waiting to get some good “after” pics once my front end settles down.

My car, before suspension work:

About to go under the knife:

Ron W’s car:

Gotta love the Eagle 3.0 liter PRV:

Many DeLoreans:

Many, many DeLoreans

I got to ride in this car later on:

My car, post-suspension work. Front springs settling in a little:

Out to dinner later on. Not your typical restaurant parking lot scene:

What a difference ten years can make

September 1997:

I had been on the DML for maybe a year or so, and I saw a tech event in my area was happening soon. I exchanged a few emails with another local owner, Dave S, and he invited me to come to this event. I was unbelievably excited since I hadn’t seen a DeLorean in person in several years, and never had the chance to get a close look at one. So I grabbed a buddy, my Dad’s 35mm camera, and headed out.

My 17 year-old self sitting in Dave S’s DeLorean.

I took a whole roll of photos, talked with several owners, and sat in several cars – that was tremendously exciting for this 17 year old. Up until then, a DeLorean seemed almost mythical or legendary – they were beautiful, rare, and totally unattainable. Now I had a chance to see many cars all at once, and everyone was very nice to me. In retrospect, I probably shouldn’t have invited myself to touch and sit in everyone’s cars, but no one complained. I believe this event started me towards a goal of someday owning a DeLorean.

September 2007:

I realized my dream of owning a DeLorean earlier this year, and bought VIN 16908.

Dave S opened DMC (Midwest) earlier this year, where I am a customer.

I’m headed back to the same tech session next weekend, where I’ll hopefully get my driver’s door adjusted, new shocks installed, and maybe new lowered springs.

10 years later, it’s still exciting to see several DeLoreans together and talk with the owners. I’ll be there with my camera.