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My 1983 De Lorean DMC-12, VIN 16908

Refurbish Pictures

The owner sent me these pictures on March 27th, however these pictures could be up to several months old. They are in “no particular order.”

Newly powder coated wheels

Check out those new seat covers!

Notice the multiple DeLoreans in the shop

Again, two DeLoreans

The ad

It all started with this post on the DML:


Tue Mar 20, 2007 4:25 pm (PST)

I have a 1983 Black interior with the light gray carpet combination now available. The potential buyer backed our for financial reasons and for those of you watching it has been updated on DCMtalk for the past three months. The car has 23,918 miles.

The car has mostly new fuel system, new brake system, new rear brake hoses, new tires, fresh powdercoated wheels, CD player panasonic 3034 I believe with mp3 and remote input, new kicker 4×10 speakers in rear, new front speakers, refurbished dash, binnacle, New leather seats, A posts, and knee pads, clean carpets, new relays and fuses, New Toby door launchers, new window motors, the upper half of the motor has been rebuilt that part was documented on the DMCtalk, looks like a new torque converter, new front and rear main seals, good refurbished motor mounts, replaced fan blower motor, new otterstat switch, new oil pressure regulator, new headliners, new weatherstrip, refurbished front and rear fascias, most other parts have been refurbished or tested out. Also have reinforced the torsion bar area but in this case it looks like the 83’s had a factory patch as they had rivits in the plate where 81 and the 82’s I looked at did not. This was in good condition.

Struts all work some have been replaced. New glove box, most bulbs replaced, replaced faded side marker lights, undercarriage on this car is clean no signs of significant rust (some rust on bolts and a few chips in undercarriage epoxy that will be cleaned up before the sale. Its one of the cleaner undercarriages I have seen in a while.

The transmission has had the reverse switch and the gearshift relay connectors resealed as has the dipstick and the transmission pan gasket has been replaced along with the kickdown cable and the computer governor.

We also replaced the windshield.

I am asking $XX,XXX for the car and it comes with a limited $1000 parts warranty for 6 months to the purchaser. This covers most major parts like engine, tranny, brakes etc but does not cover cosmetics, road damage done after the car is purchased, or light bulbs type stuff. If interested I will give you the details.

If interested call me or e-mail me off line.


Seemed too good to be true. Exactly what I’ve been looking for, and it’s been refurbished with many new parts by a very respected member of the DeLorean community. After a few emails, and a phone call, I decided I was buying it.