Ed's D

My 1983 De Lorean DMC-12, VIN 16908

Woodridge, IL July 4th Car Show


Woodridge Police Department and the Chicagoland Chapter GSCA present

Friday, JULY 4, 2008 – NOON until 4 P.M.

Wilton Industries
2240 75th Street
Woodridge, IL 60517

·        I-355 to 75th Street
·        West on 75th Street

·        Turn right at 1st driveway before the McDonalds


This is within walking distance of my house. I’ll be there with VIN 16908 as long as it doesn’t rain!

No DCS ‘08 for VIN 16908 or Ed

I decided against attending DeLorean Car Show (DCS) ’06, even though it was within a few miles of me – a decision I still regret. I wasn’t an owner yet, and I didn’t know if I’d fit in there.

I originally planned to attend DCS ’08, either by driving the car, or flying out. I was registered at the hotel, but conflicts arose, and I opted to stay home. The price of gas is a lot to stomach right now, and I never got around to replacing my trailing arm bolts.

Here’s an article I found about DCS ’08. In case you didn’t know, the man in the article who started DCS, and organizes it every two years also sold me my car.


I will be attending DCS West ’09 in Las Vegas! I’m definitely flying out for that event, and leaving the D safe at home.

Spring Tech Session, AC belt change

The Delorean Midwest Connection had their spring tech event at DMC (Midwest) May 3rd. I drove up in the morning, in the rain. I hardly ever drive in the rain, but this was necessary. I got to put the car on a lift, and check out everything underneath the car. I got to see a hand built car from DMC (Houston) which was flawless, and made me very jealous. I saw Rich W’s Buick Grand National powered DeLorean. I also bought some parts I had my eye on for awhile.

The shop is fascinating to me. I would have stayed all day if I didn’t have a Kentucky Derby Party in the afternoon.

On the way to the event, I stopped by the defunct Meadowdale Raceway for a photo op. It’s been several years since I first explored this place.

Here’s what the silo looked like in 2002 when I photographed it. Original paint job still there:

Here’s the hand built car at DMC (Midwest:). It was stunning:

Clean everything, upgraded exhaust:

Rich W’s Buick GN engine:

I didn’t take any pics of my car since the other cars put my car to shame. I should have taken some pics under my car.

I also learned how to change an AC belt. The belt my car was currently running was an original “concours” belt that Ken K took off his car last time I saw him. It was leaving belt shavings all over my engine. I had a spare I bought awhile back, so after it was installed, I bought a new spare from NAPA.

AC Belt – 9530 Gates Green Stripe: $11.95 plus shipping @ SpecialTAuto.com
NAPA 9530 Belt: 20.28 plus $1.57 tax at NAPA

Chicago St. Patrick’s Day Parade

I was able to schedule a Saturday off of work (Yep, I work Saturdays during tax Season) and participate in the Chicago St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

My fiancé and I drove down early in the morning, and arrived too early. We got to drive up front with Rich W, and got to use a DeLorean Midwest Connection banner on my car. We waited for several hours in the cold, but had a great day. We got to show off the car a lot, and met lots of people. At one point, a couple people talked with us and about my car and DeLoreans in general. It took us awhile to realize it was Illinois Senator Dick Durbin.

Me with My D.

(above) People checking out my car

(above) Rich W’s fiberglass BTTF prop, the truck towing it, my car, Rich W’s car.

(above) Me, Senator Dick Durbin, My fiancé. My doors in the background.

And I have some video on Youtube: Link 1, Link 2


Sep 8th DeLorean Midwest Connection Fall Tech Session Wrap-Up

The day is over. I arrived early, left late, and when it was all over, I made several friends and my car has new shocks and springs. Highlights of the day:

-During a routine oil change, watching oil mixed with coolant drain out of the engine. The recommendation was something like “think about a new engine, or think about selling the car.” The car had previously over-heated, and may have sustained some damage.
-Impressing people with my DeLorean knowledge, yet only being an owner for a few months. “I’ve bought my car a few months ago, but I’ve been on the DML for 12 years.”
-Seeing many DeLoreans at once
-Getting a ride in an ’01 Vette
-Installing tie-rod boots all by myself
-Driving home with a smoother riding DeLorean

I’ll write up my suspension work in a separate blog. I’m waiting to get some good “after” pics once my front end settles down.

My car, before suspension work:

About to go under the knife:

Ron W’s car:

Gotta love the Eagle 3.0 liter PRV:

Many DeLoreans:

Many, many DeLoreans

I got to ride in this car later on:

My car, post-suspension work. Front springs settling in a little:

Out to dinner later on. Not your typical restaurant parking lot scene:

August 3rd Downers Grove Car Show Wrap Up

Orphan Cars was the featured category. This was also my first car show. I was kind of indecisive about my parking spot, but I settled on a good one in front of the Downers Grove Library. Friends and family showed up. The car got lots of attention. I answered lots of questions, and handed out many fact sheets and Save The Clock Tower flyers. A few other local owners were there, and the weather was perfect. I couldn’t have asked for a better night.

I think my car got more attention than the Shelby Cobra on the right.

DMC Midwest Connection Tech Session

This event was held at DMC Midwest in Crystal Lake on May 12th, 2007

A car being refurbished or restored….

My car, about to go on the lift

Got my alternator belt replaced, and some nuts tightened

Under my car

Clean, rust free undercarriage, an oil leak, and some boots need replacing.

Some spent frames

Closeup of frame rust

Cars awaiting work

My car on the middle lift

A Bricklin! Never saw one in person


My boots need replacing

Can you tell which car has been lowered?

A new stainless steel frame from http://www.pearce-design.com/


DMC Midwest Open House, VIN 16908 Purchase

My freshly painted garage floor, Simple Green, Armor All, Windex, 303 Aerospace Protectant, Leatherique kit,
DMC Owner’s manual and parts manuals, windup LED flashlight. Something is missing…

My car arrives

The infamous Flux Capacitor

D with many tv screens

more tv screens

My car


Dave’s office

My car

Ken k working on the door

someone’s clean interior

Ryan B’s car

My mom with the car

Back from Crystal Lake (again)

My D is finally home.

Back on Track!

The owner sent me a few emails. He received the new evaporator, and was installing it. He’s been working hard to get everything diagnosed and working before Saturday morning. Once he charges the AC, he’ll start reassembling everything. He’s got some touch up painting to do, so we’ll probably end up doing some of the last cosmetic stuff at the DMC (Midwest) Open House.

Weather for Saturday looks great! It’s rained here the past couple of days, but should be in the 70s for the weekend! Perfect weather to drive the D J

I’m so excited. It’s been over ten years, and now it’s down to less than 48 hours!