Ed's D

My 1983 De Lorean DMC-12, VIN 16908

2019 Vehicle Registration

Getting ready for the 2019 driving season. I have some maintenance to do, but first I’m making the car legal.

Illinois Secretary of State:

Fee For This Transaction
Renewal Fee : $114.00
Payment Processor Fee : $2.68
Total Fee : $116.68

Roadkill.com Article!!!

While showing my car at a local car show, someone stopped to talk about the car, and was asking a lot of detailed questions. Sure enough, he’s a writer for RoadKill.com! The writer, Eric, asked about writing an article on the car. In September, we got together after several emails. We did a photoshoot, and an interview. In November 2016, it was published!

Check it out: http://www.roadkill.com/great-scott-hung-delorean-national-laboratory/

Roadkill has become one of my favorite shows. It is a big honor that there’s an article about my car, and me, on Roadkill.com!
Thank you, Eric!

New Trunk Board

My original carpet was looking ratty, and my car was also missing the board below the carpet. I decided to make a new board that would replace the carpet. It also needs cutouts for the strut bar that I use in the trunk. I traced a friend’s trunk board:

Then, I cut it out with a jigsaw. I cleaned up the cuts with a rotary tool, and roughed up the surface with some sandpaper:

Next I coated it with Duplicolor Undercoating. The undercoating didn’t spray evenly, and I got some globs in random places. I ended up purposely making more globs, trying to even it out and complete the look:

Not bad for the cost.

Item Vendor


Unit Cost





Duplicolor Undercoating Meijer


$ 4.99

$ 4.99


$ 0.42

$ 5.41

Fiber Board Menards          

 On Hand

2014 License Plate Renewal

“Thank you for renewing your license plates online with the Illinois Secretary of State.”

Fee For This Transaction
Renewal Fee : $114.00
Payment Processor Fee : $2.25
Total Fee : $116.25

Next year I’m going to look at getting “Expanded-Use Antique” plates, which are cheaper to renew.

New(er) Taillight housings

My taillights were cracked, and dull from a decade of neglect and abuse in the hot Georgia sun. The removable piece from one taillight was even melted from a bulb!?!?
DSC_0014 DSC_0017
I had become jealous of the glassy, perfect appearance of the taillights on other Deloreans. So I found a good deal on some used, but good condition taillight housings. They don’t appear faded, and only have light surface scratches:

Newer taillights before cleaning:

To clean them, I would fill them with hot water, and drain them, removing all the dirt and bugs.
Cleaning Tip: You can clean all the grooves between the lenses with an old toothbrush, which should not scratch the plastic.

After a soap and water cleaning, they looked better. Some light surface scratches visible
DSC_0007 DSC_0006

After some buffing with Meguiar’s PlastX, any dirt has now been removed, and the scratches are gone. They really pop!

The polish really removes any deep dirt. The white terrycloth towel used to be clean.

Old housings on the left, newer on the right:

With new taillight housings costing $300, I saved some money, and I’m very happy with the results. As for my previous taillight housings, I might try to sand off any imperfections, and black them out. That should cover up the cracks. If they turn out nice, I would swap housings whenever I felt like it.


Item Vendor




(2) Used Taillight housings Withheld

$ 150.00

$ 11.63

$ 161.63

Meguiar’s PlastX Clear Plastic Cleaner and Polish Amazon.com

$ 5.97

$ –

$ 5.97


$ 167.60